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Online learning gives you a convenient alternative to attending classes on-campus. Be ready at your online course start date to participate. Check out the technology you need in our Help centre. Prepare independently to complete online course assignments and to take scheduled tests. Your facilitator is available to provide you feedback online along the way.

One member institution (the host institution) designs, develops and assigns the facilitator to each course, which any other member institution (the registering institution) in the consortium can offer. That means you can register with a member institution locally and access the best of online learning across Ontario to achieve your academic and career goals.

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Search the OntarioLearn inventory of nearly 1,500 shared courses online. Member institutions select online courses from the inventory to promote locally each term. Courses adhere to set start dates, follow a timeline for assessments and close at pre-scheduled end dates. See what’s coming soon. To view listings selectively available through the year, search by start date here.


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Choose among 650 programs online in the OntarioLearn inventory and locate where to enroll. Examine specific program requirements to earn your credential including residency, transfer credits, completion dates and more here.


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Search courses and programs in the OntarioLearn inventory at each start date one institution at a time by selecting an institution here.

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Not yet registered for your online course? Now that you have chosen your online course with OntarioLearn, you’ll need to register with an institution that offers it.  

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All 24 accredited colleges across Ontario are members of OntarioLearn. Check with your nearest OntarioLearn registering college to see if it offers the online course or online program you want at the next start date. If unavailable, check information with other member institutions. Find out about OntarioLearn member locations, contacts and more here.


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If you are having trouble registering for a course or enrolling in a program, connect with the contact listed on each member institutions' page here.

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The OntarioLearn Portal is a gateway to your online learning journey with us. Your registering institution assigns your Portal account for centralized access to: all your online courses with us, information about services and resources, and our communications such as announcements. Once in the Portal, and if your courses are open, connect through to each in its Learning Management System: Blackboard, D2L/Brightspace, or Moodle. Log in here.

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