How To Register

1. Find your online course or program by searching the OntarioLearn inventory by your interests and the next available start date.

2. Identify your preferred OntarioLearn member institution. Consider institutions near you. Select the institution that offers the courses you want next term.

3. With your finalized course list, register in your courses or enroll in your program with a member institution before courses begin. Get started early. Course registrations often close within a week of the start date.

Welcome information

After you register for your courses or enroll in your program, your registering college will send you welcome information by postal mail, email or by posting the information online. Course outlines are available when you log in to the Portal and connect to your course once it is open on its start date. Textbooks and any other required materials are noted in the course outline.

Your welcome information will introduce any or all of the following details to help you:

  • confirmation of your registration in the course(s) 
  • details on when and how to access our Portal and your online course(s) 
  • information on how to contact the help desk for support
  • information on how and where to purchase your required textbooks and materials
  • details about final examinations (if applicable)
  • a guide to student services and contacts at your registering college
  • other information deemed relevant by the course instructor assigned by the host college.

Available intakes

Search the OntarioLearn course inventory to verify what courses are coming up next. Many courses are available for the fall, spring and winter terms or as monthly intake courses with registration deadlines throughout the year.

Be sure to review essential course information in the course outline when your courses open.  This is where you will find key dates of your course such as deadlines for assignments, tests – if there is a final examination – and more.

Review essential information at the outset to be sure you successfully complete your course within its timeline. Generally, courses start on the first business day of the month. Although some courses are shorter in duration, most extend up to 14 weeks to complete your course requirements. Have a look at OntarioLearn colleges to see if your courses of interest are offered with the next intake.


See the upcoming courses

Withdrawal deadlines

Contact your registering college immediately if you are thinking of withdrawing from your course(s). Please note that refund dates and academic withdrawal deadlines differ. 

To withdraw from a course, you will need to notify the Registrar’s Office at your registering college and follow the registering college’s withdrawal policies, procedures and deadlines. 

To withdraw from a course without academic penalty, you must withdraw no later than the academic withdrawal date set by your registering college for that term. Academic withdrawal dates vary for monthly intake courses and courses that start at the beginning of the term.

In most cases, if you withdraw from a course by your registering college’s deadline you may be eligible for a refund of your fees minus the college’s administration fee. There are no refunds of fees after your registering college’s deadline.

Transfer of academic credit

The transfer of academic credit is a formal process to recognize learning attained in other educational institutions.

Students wishing to transfer an academic credit must follow the Transfer of Academic Credit policies and procedures of their registering college.

OntarioLearn courses are not automatically granted course equivalency status. Students must formally apply to have academic credits transferred.