FirstClass Setup Procedures

This site includes instructions for you to download and install the FirstClass Client software on to your computer.  Once installed you can then login to the FirstClass System to access your course.

Please Note:  If you have taken a course delivered on FirstClass in previous terms please be sure you are using the latest FirstClass version 11.  For detailed instructions to uninstall a previous FirstClass version click here.

Download and Install the FirstClass Client Software

To download the desired version, click the appropriate link based on YOUR computer system configuration. It is recommended to have at least one gigabyte of free disk space when using FirstClass.

FirstClass Client Download
PC Installer:  Click Here for Windows X
MAC Installer: Click Here for Mac OS X
  • To initiate the installation process, double-click on the file that you downloaded.
  • During the installation process, choose Next to proceed through the installation.
  • Click on YES for the License Agreement.
  • The installation process will prompt you to create a Desktop and/or a Quick Launch icon, please select the “Create desktop icon”.
  • At this point the software will be installed on your computer.

If you are prompted to RUN or OPEN the file, it means that when the file is finished downloading it will automatically begin the installation process.  If you are asked to SAVE the file to disk, please select a location on your hard drive that will be easy to access after the download.  When the file is finished downloading, find the saved file on your hard drive and double-click on the file to start the installation process. In case you cannot find the file that you downloaded, PC users should select “Start” and select “Find Files or Folders”.  In the filename box, type in OLFC11042.exe.

FirstClass Login Procedures (options)

  1. To login to the FirstClass system you must be connected to the Internet. Choose from the options below to access the FirstClass login screen.

VERY IMPORTANT: All Windows 7/8/10 users should use OPTION #1 to access the FirstClass system

FirstClass Login Options:
OPTION #1: Login to FirstClass from your computer desktop: Double click on the “OntarioLearn FirstClass” desktop icon to launch the login screen
From the START menu select PROGRAMS, select FirstClass, and then FirstClass once more to launch the login screen.
OPTION 2:  Login to FirstClass from the OntarioLearn Portal desktop: If you are logged into the OntarioLearn Portal, click on the [Login to FirstClass] button  to launch the FirstClass login screen.
OPTION #3: FirstClass Web Login: This option is very useful when wanting to access FirstClass from an alternate computer that does not have the FirstClass Client software installed. If you are logged into the OntarioLearn Portal, click on the [FirstClass Web Login] link to launch the FirstClass “WEB” login screen.
Go to + HELP + LINKS+ “FirstClass Web Login” to launch the FirstClass “WEB” login screen.
  1. Type in your UserID and Password in the spaces provided on the FirstClass login screen.  Use lowercase letters. If you have typed in an incorrect UserID or Password, you may receive an “Auto Register” message.  Exit and commence login procedures again.  This would have created a second student account.
  1. When you have successfully logged into the FirstClass system, your course icon should appear on the FirstClass Desktop. If your course icon is missing from the desktop, please contact the Technical Support Team for assistance.
  1. After you have made your initial connection to the FirstClass system, please change your password. To change your password click on “Collaborate” + “Change Password” and enter your new password. You can use your new password to access the FirstClass system after you have completed this step.

24 X 7 Technical Assistance:  The Technical Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any technical difficulties. If you encounter any difficulties with the setup procedures, please contact us for assistance. Telephone, ticket submission, online chat and FAQ links are all available at this site