OntarioLearn Coordinator

One of the unique things about teaching in the consortium is the fact that your OntarioLearn course will likely have students who are registered at several different colleges. It is important to understand that students are governed by the academic policies of their “Registering College” and that you are not expected to know the policies of the 22 partnering colleges. This is why it is important for you to know your support system; specifically your OntarioLearn Coordinator.


Each member institution has an OntarioLearn Coordinator (may have other titles, depending on the school).  S/He will be your first point of contact for all things OntarioLearn.  In addition to other responsibilities, the OL Coordinator will:


  • Advise or confirm your teaching contract.
  • Activate your account (i.e. get you access to the LMS, OL Portal and Grades System).

  • Remind you of deadline dates and other academic requirements.
  • Be your liaison with representatives from other member institutions.
  • Arrange for support from the Teaching and Learning/Professional Development Departments at your institutions.


To identify your college contact visit: College Map and click on your college name


  • Technical Support has engaged the Embanet-Compass Knowledge Group to supply data hosting and help desk support services to the consortium. Located in Markham, Ontario, they  operate a world-class data centre with a state-of-the-art network infrastructure to ensure that the appropriate bandwidth is available to support our needs.


If you are experiencing technical problems with your site, you can contact Embanet for assistance.


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Faculty e-Portal

The OL e-portal is your go to place to access the courses you teach, review announcements provided by the OL Administrator and to access the range of resources designed to support your teaching needs, including this website.


Please check the announcement section weekly as this is where we will let you know about any new materials or changes we have made to the website.

One-on-one Coaching

In addition to providing “how to” learning materials, this website will link you to a Faculty Mentor who can help to answer your course design/delivery questions or direct you to alternative resources.  


The Faculty Mentor will also facilitate the faculty-to-faculty “Community of Practice” discussion forums used throughout the modules in this site.  The goal is to encourage more focused interaction amongst teachers; this models the strength of discussion forums/blogs in the online environment. 


If you have a question for the Faculty Mentor send an email to or complete the web-form on the Contact Us page.