Before You Begin

When students inquire about learning online, we often direct them to "Are you ready for online learning?

Penn State University has developed a faculty self-assessment tool that allows you to assess your readiness for teaching online.  It evaluates 4 categories of skill/experience:

  1. Organization/Time Management
  2. Communicating Online
  3. Teaching and Online Experience
  4. Technical Skills


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Take the Faculty Self Assessment for Online Teaching.

The results will be emailed to you; the feedback is thorough, practical and meaningful.  It also includes references to valuable resources to help you learn more about teaching online.


Table of Contents

Module I Engagement

  • Introduction
  • First Impression
  • Welcome Message
  • Demographics
  • Learning Styles
  • Online Instructor
  • Three Levels of Interaction
  • Summary


Module II Learning

  • Introduction
  • Learning Theory
  • Meaningful Outcomes
  • Writing for the Web
  • Accessibility
  • Learning Objects
  • Summary


Module III Assessment

  • Introduction
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Building Assessments
  • Summative and Formative
  • Feedback
  • Rubrics
  • Track Changes and Comments
  • Summary


Module IV Learning Technology

  • Introduction
  • Keeping up
  • Web 2.0  to 3.0
  • Discussions
  • Educational Tools
  • Matching Technology
  • Other Tools
  • Summary


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