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This website is designed to give you access to a variety of information to help you make the most of your online teaching experience. 


There are four modules available, each designed using the feedback provided by you in the OntarioLearn "Professional Development Needs Assessment Survey" (Fall 2010) combined with the online teaching competencies as defined by the Ontario College Educational Technology Committee.


Navigating the site

The site is designed to facilitate self-directed learning. You will find most to the pertinent content in the Modules and Resources sections of the site.


Building our Community of Practice

One of the goals of this site is to build a learning community, so we invite you to share your ideas and experiences that will advance the learning of others using the site. Each module topic provides a learning activity that will help reinforce the learning; engage you with with others, or experience a  particular teaching technique.


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    As you work through the Modules, watch for these Icons

  • Wiki Space Tool: Wiki Space tool will also be used as a part of the learning activities noted in the Modules.  There are a number of pages on the wiki that correspond with specific content and activities. You are encouraged to contribute to these wiki pages, as they are only as good as our collaborative effort.
  • Tumblr Icon
    Tumblr Tool: We are using Tumblr as our discussion board. A particular discussion topic, related to the module material will be available for you to provide your comments.  You do not need an account to participate, but you may want to setup a site of your own once you become more comfortable with the tool!
  • Activity Icon
    Activity: This symbol will be used throughout the module content to draw your attention to an activity for you to complete.
  • Information Icon
    Good Resource:This symbol will be used throughout the module content to draw your attention to an article or webpage that provides valuable insight, information or strategies that you can use in your own teaching practices.
  • Time Management Icon
    Time Management Tip: Drawing upon years of experience we have developed a variety of ways to become more efficient online teachers.  Watch for this icon throughout the module content for practical time management tips.