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Welcome to the OntarioLearn Teaching Resource website.  This site provides you with short duration learning modules using the competency categories recognized by the College Consortium members.


The 400+ teachers instructing for OntarioLearn bring a diverse range of online teaching expertise to their classrooms.  As one of those instructors, you know best what teaching strategies you would like to enhance, so we have created a self-directed learning environment that offers you:


  1. Quick access to online teaching strategies, activities and tools to help you create an inclusive learning environment.
  2. A faculty-to-faculty Community of Learning where you can share your best practices , delivery challenges, and learn from each other.
  3. Firsthand experience with a range of technology enhancement tools to be used in your courses.

A successful online classroom is one that offers a well-structured virtual environment with well developed course content, learning activities, assignments, and ample opportunity for students to interact and learn with each other and the teacher. You are a key element of the learning process and to ensuring students achieve their educational goals. We hope that you find this site to be a supportive resource for your teaching needs.


So, lets get started.


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