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ACE Apprenticeship Mathematics is designed for students preparing for various college programs, apprenticeship training, and/or for the workplace who wish to consolidate their basic mathematical skills and improve their problem-solving techniques. It builds on the basic algebraic skills mastered in ACE Core Mathematics or other mathematics courses and develops algebraic and trigonometric strategies that will help students to present solutions in a structured, dependable way. Units of study include number sense and algebra; measurement and geometry; proportional reasoning; analytic geometry; relations and quadratic equations; trigonometric ratios; statistics and probability; and personal finance. This course meets the math requirement for many Ontario college certificate and diploma programs (not degree programs). Note that it is the responsibility of the student to research and verify college program admission requirements.


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End Date Jul 19 / 2024


1. Learn to Learn course; and 2. Core Math DU-ACE003 or placement score determined by CSC

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